“Fear ye not, stand still, and SEE the salvation of God (Exod. 14:13)

Last week when the email blast was sent, for whatever reason, many people did not receive it in their email box.  The word has not changed, so I am posting part of it again this week.  I am encouraging and reminding all who are part of this battle to FEAR NOT, and to STAND STILL!

Our great God is the God of Battles.  When the children of Israel were facing the Red Sea with no hope of survival, the Lord spoke through Moses and said, “The LORD shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace” (Exod. 14:14).  The LORD is fighting NOW for His great name’s sake.  He will not be mocked.

Moses directed the people as they stood before the Red Sea to NOT FEAR, but to STAND STILL (Exod. 14:13) leaving all circumstances with the LORD Himself and expecting Him to move. In their situation, they could not save themselves by fighting against the enemy.  They could only wait for the outcome of obeying God’s directions to be manifested by Him.  The LORD promised that He would fight for them.  Their job was to obey the Lord and HOLD THEIR PEACE.  Peace in this sentence is not the Hebrew word “shalom,” but rather the word “charash,” meaning to be quiet, speechless, and to not devise one’s own plan.

Throughout the Word of God, these two Words were spoken at different time, “STAND STILL,” and when obeyed, God moved.  Let us not forget Joshua who commanded the sun and moon to “STAND STILL” over Gibeon and the sun stopped in its tracks in the middle of the sky.  That day God gave the Amorites up to Israel.  The Word says that “There has never been a day like that before or since – God activated a command from a human, Joshua!  “Truly God fought for Israel” (Jos. 10:14 MSG).  I believe God is hearing the magnitude of prayers on behalf of this nation, and as He did for the Israelites, He will again act decisively in favor of His people.

A few weeks ago, I released this Word in an OTC teaching, “For the LORD shall rise up as in Mount Perazim, He shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that He may do His work, His strange work; and bring to pass His act, His strange act” (Isaiah 28:21).  As I spoke at the beginning of the year, I repeat, God is bringing REVERSAL.  “But God is the judge: He puts down one, and sets up another” (Ps. 75:7).  It is our Great God who casts the wicked to the ground (Ps. 147:6).

We must continue to lift our voices and let the high praises of God be in our mouths.  Through our praises God executes vengance and binds evil kings (Ps. 149:6-8).




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